Why Struggle With Getting Downlines?

… When you can copy and paste these over 2000 scripts?

Dear network marketer,

I know.

I know the two biggest challenges you ever faced in network marketing are these:

One, getting downlines.

Two, keeping your downlines motivated to do likewise, so you both can rank high.

These two reasons are what is probably making you frustrated some nights as it seems you’re not making enough progress. And perhaps, you have tried everything your upline advised you.

…List names of your friends and relatives.

…Start calling them.

…Print fliers.

…Have them pasted in some location

…Go to places like Churches, Restaurant, Eateries, Supermarket, Mosque to meet likely prospects.

…Post on your social media (whatsapp, Facebook…) everyday.

…Join as many groups as you can on Facebook.

…Spam people with DMs on several social media.


Well, turns out these advice didn’t get you those bonuses like car funds, house fund, weekly alerts… because you’re either doing some of those advice wrong or you really don’t know how to go about. Or maybe, those advice no longer work…

Let me tell you something

You see, the problem may not exactly be your upline’s advice. After all, it’s working for a lot of them.

I bet you’ve seen some folks make 6 to multiple 7 figures every week to every month you’re just like you, or probably started earlier than you, so…

What is their secrets?

Like you, I got really interested in knowing what made them different and I started making research and interviewing several high earners…

And guess what? A large chunk of them are either running ads weekly, or have got a long list or prospects or have built some funnels on their website. 

Woo!  Looks like some BIG stuff?

Well, I wasn’t satisfied, so I kept going deeper in my research and….

Then I found out the TRUTH.

Their Success Lies In Meeting The Right People And Showing Them The Right Contents

That’s it. Not many BIG secrets. Just that one.

Wait a minute. Read through that again and you’d see that it’s right

Right people… Right contents. 

See, a lot of network marketers around don’t know who their ideal prospects is, that’s why they keep moving from one end to the other trying to convince a “suspect” who wastes their time and effort…

Worse, even if they see the right people, they don’t know EXACTLY what to tell them to catch their attention, to gently persuade them, to lead them in, to explain their business to them (without appearing pushy), to remove their objections, to build rapport, to follow up on them….

And that’s why they are not getting the results they wanted.

But thankfully, I took it upon myself as a direct marketing expert, I started researching more into the space to help you solve the two leading problems of not getting downlines which are…

Not meeting the right person.

Not knowing what to tell them.

And then, I created over 2000 scripts for you that you could use to build rapport, follow up, close prospects, ask question…. Plus, showed you in simpler terms how to stop dealing with suspects and get the real prospect to act.

This means, all you have to do is to…

Copy And Paste The Scripts And Watch The Result Happen

I compiled the 2000+ scripts in my book called –

The Stressfree Network Marketer:

 The Underground Expert Secrets For Hooking Prospects, Growing Leads, Selling Any Product And Close Like A Pro

Here Is A Peep To What You’d Be Getting In The Book


Show-Stopping HEADLINES That Drag Your Prospects To Ask You HOW (Over 630 Scripts)

How To Introduce Yourself Professionally That Make Your Prospects Not Only Admire You, But Want To Hear More (Over 70 Scripts)

The Little Know Psychological Secrets To Silently Lead Your Prospects To A YES At The Close Of Presentation (Over 45 Scripts)

⇒ How To Make A Stranger Fall In Love With You and Your Business (Not Sexually Of Course)  (Over 69 Scripts)

 The Simple, Yet Effective Techniques To Get Your Products Sold Under Days (Over 206 Secrets)

⇒ How To Handle Dogged-Head Prospects’ Objection Without Offending Them (Over 90 Scripts)

How To Make Your Follow-up Successful (Over 50 Scripts)

⇒ Explaining To Prospects Like A Father Would To A Son… And Make Them Do What You’d Like Them To Do (Over 95 Scripts)

⇒ The Winning Closing Secrets You Can Use At Anytime (Over 80 Scripts)

⇒ Powerful Quotes And Insights From Other MLM Legends (Over 400 Insights)

⇒ The Words That Separate The Bad-Eggs From Your List (Over 17 Scripts)

⇒ The Proven Formula For Knowing Your IDEAL Prospects For You (This Is Very Important. Read This APPENDIX at least twice)

⇒ And Many More…


             How Much Is The Book?

Before telling you about the price, let me tell you something… 

Many of my friends who are copywriters were a little bit angry with me because I gave what if pieced together could bring you over 10 Full stack sales copies and at the time of creating the book, I charged #150,000 for that…

Now I charge close to eight times that amount.

You see, this means the book will not only help you with downlines, but help you save money from getting a high end copywriter  to create the kind of words that would compel your prospects.

I understand that even if you take this scripts and show to a suspect (not a prospect) you may still struggle, that’s why, I created a section where I explained how you could know and get your ideal prospects.  

With a tool like this…. That could show you how to convince a prospect without any stress on your part to know to locate the prospects, what do you honestly think is the worth to you if it could end all your network marketing struggle today?

I did a quick test on what the book will be worth if it made you stressfree on several network marketers and their response read something like… 

#50,000 and above.

Minimum of #20,000

But you see, I am not even pricing the book at that price. 

I know how painful it is to get started in a business you look forward to becoming financially stressfree in 2-5 years, but all through you live in doubt and fear because you know money is  not coming in, yet you keep going from pillar to post to make this work.

In order words, I know the pains of many network marketers and that’s why, I’m not selling it for anything near #20,000 for now.

It sells for a measly price of #6500…. (The price of a family pizza you can consume at one sitting) .

But here is the sweet part, I like fast action takers because they end up getting the best deal and end up becoming my best clients…

Look at the timer below, if you order between now and when the timer stops, you’d be getting the following FAST ACTION REPLY BONUSES AS WELL.

⇒ Cheatsheet To Becoming An Expert On Social Media Prospects Will Be Proud Of (Valued #5000)

Cheatsheet to becoming stresssfree online as an network marketer (Valued #5000)

The Proven Way To Increase Your Close Rate From Every Training (Seminar) You Have With Prospects (Valued #10,000)

Sounds cool, right?

Click below to get the book delivered to your mail immediately after payment.

Please note that after the timer dies you wouldn’t be getting the bonuses, you’d only be getting the book.
After clicking on the link, you’d be taking to a page where you’d make payment.
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And if you do that within 24 hours (while the timer is still on), you’d be getting all these for just #6500 today.
The Stressfree Network Marketer (Valued #6500)


⇒      Cheatsheet to becoming an expert on social media prospects will be proud of (Valued #5000)
⇒     Cheatsheet to becoming stresssfree online as an network marketer (Valued #5000)


⇒       The Proven Way To Increase Your Close Rate From Every Training You Have With Prospects (Valued #10,000)
Please note: That I hate pressurizing people and hate selling them trash so…
If at any point you don’t find this book useful under 120 days, send me a mail via tegaogomigo@gmail.com, I’d totally refund you. Even better, you can keep the book and bonuses for free.
Does this sound like you?
– You know you deserve getting those bonuses as well…
– You know you are not too small or too big to get several prospects begging to become your downlines
– You are tired of being a stressed network marketer who work helker skelter, yet get little rewards
– You want to try something new and you’re ready to put up the necessary work there to see results.
If yes, then, get this book and if you don’t find any significant improvement, kindly send me a mail at tegaogomigo@gmail.com I’d instantly refund you.

Now, it is your time to do something about not getting downlines. 

Imagine what 10 new downlines will do to your business without stress. 

How about 50? 

Okay, that’s not a typical representation of what will happen when you get the book. 

You can get as many downlines as you want. 

Imagine the getting the trips, house fund, weekly mouth watering alert, your picture on several picture designs to celebrate your new level….

You’d have time for your children and spouse. They would become proud of you… You could finally give them all they requested without fear of your account balance. You’d start leaving with more joy in your face…

You’d suddenly be that financial, home business coach. 

Don’t you like that?

But you see, you have got to take action to bring that LIFESTYLE to life. Time is of essence. The moment the timer stops, you’d only be getting the book and that’s all.

Now, I have got one simple last question to ask you…

Will you want to give it a shot for 120 days? 

Best regards,

Ortega Ogomigo

P. S: If you’re like me, who like reading the bottom of the page, here is the thing, I am saving you of all the stress of moving helker skelter like an average marketer by giving you over 2000 scripts you can use to motivate yourself, get downlines, build rapport, catch their attention, follow up on them, sell any product and close them like pros.

Even better, I am giving you a 120 FULL Money back warranty to test this scripts in your business, if you don’t feel satisfied for whatever reason, send me a DM, then, I’d refund you.

I have also added the following bonuses if you take action before the timer ends….

Cheatsheet to becoming an expert on social media prospects will be proud of (Valued #5000)

Cheatsheet to becoming stresssfree online as an network marketer (Valued #5000)

The Proven Way To Increase Your Close Rate From Every Training You Have With Prospects (Valued #10,000)