Popular Marketing Genius Finally Voiced Out…

“Why You Don’t Make ENOUGH Sales Even After Running Ads”

Dear reader,


I would have love to say that you should never run ads or have your business online until you know this, but first, tell me if any of these is true:


You have your business set online.

⇒    You have a social media page(s) where you promote your business.

You have a list of email subscribers.

You have a website or are considering getting one.

You run ads on Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin or Google.

You are either business owner, a freelancer, an affiliate marketer, a consultant, an expert…


Is any of them true of you?


If yes, then I can go ahead to telling you what I discovered after several years of research. But first let me tell you this true story:


John, not his real name though, started an editing an publishing business early 2020 (January 20). He had heard of how a lot of people are make money online and he wanted to partake in that.

Like a smart Igbo man that he is, he got everything in place: a website, social media pages, logo and he was (in his head) set to make money online.


After a space of about 6 weeks without making sales, he was wondering what the problem was, so he jumped on Facebook and Instagram to run ads.


Well, turns out that after spending over 53,000 naira, with a daily ad budget of 1500 naira to 2000 naira ran for almost a month, he made just 3 sales…  (Not high ticket)


According to him, his targeting was right, but somehow, his post got little engagements and fewer clicks on his ads.


Then, out of frustration a friend recommending him to me and he booked a consultation and explained everything.


I looked through his contents across different social media and his website, and there I found the error.


He Wasn’t Catching Their Attention. He Wasn’t Appealing To Their Emotions. He Wasn’t Closing Well.


I gave him a few tweaks he could use in his business… and within a month, his business sales jumped to #350,000.


There wasn’t any increase in ad budget….


Just some few tweaks in his website and social media.


He was so shocked that he wanted to learn how I did it, then I looked at him and told him the very words of veteran copywriter, Gary Halbert.


“If you ever want to get rid of your money or sales issues (especially online), learn how to write a sales copy”


“What is a sales copy?” He asked.


“Well, a sales copy is a group of words pieced together to catch prospects’ attention, trigger their interests, touch their desires and make them act” I explained


“This is what is used in billboards, radio jingles, video ads, social media pages, websites…”


“In fact, any thing you ever saw or read that compelled you to taking actions (either in video or audio or text) is a description of what SALES COPY IS. The writing of this is called COPYWRITING.


“This is simply like talking to a friend, like I am doing with you now, but deliberately using some words that would trigger their emotions. So in a simple word…”


Sales copies are words that sell or make people buy.



Sadly, when many entrepreneurs hear the word “Copywriting” or “sales copy” they feel it belongs to some sect of people: the digital marketers, copywriters and people in ad agencies.


But turns out, there are wrong. You see, you have only got less than 4 seconds to catch the attention of your prospects online. It’s unlike offline or onsite, where you could easily shout…


But online… (shaking my head) that wouldn’t necessarily work because your prospects live in a distracted world.


A notification, a call, a message… may quickly distract them. In fact, using hashtags isn’t totally the best marketing strategy you could pull, because your prospects could even access your competitors using the same hashtags.


So, for the most part, the psychology (copywriting) you play to showing them your offer will determine if you’d be successful or not.  


See, if you have your business online on any platform today, then it’s important you learn about copywriting because copywriting shows you…


-How to catch the attention of your prospects who is probably distracted by many things of this world. From your competitors’ offer or updates from social media feeds to family issues.


– How to hook your prospects by the neck and ethically compel them to read or watch or listen through everything you want them to know.


-How to make them believe your offer is the best they ever got and forget about your competitors.


-How to make them buy right away.


That’s the power of copywriting irrespective of what you sell online. It’s the LIFEBLOOD of online sales success.

At another point, I was talking to an entrepreneur, Ebuka Anichebe, some months’ back after a training why he needed to learn COPYWRTING in his business, and he felt somewhat undecided and reluctant perhaps thinking he doesn’t need it.


I then showed him the best way (a guide) to which he could learn it very fast and see results, since it’s very important for entrepreneurs to learn how to write copies themselves.

He thought for a while, and decided to give it a shot…


He applied the secrets I exposed in that guide and then he smiled when I put a call across to him a week later.


“Ortega, you wouldn’t believe it. I just made 1.5 million naira from my Farm Crowdfunding project with my very first sales copy”


I smiled. I was very happy for him…


Then, I followed him up in two months’ time to see what’s up.


He said what made me scream.


“Under 2 weeks, I surpassed my company’s goal by 10 times!”




Somehow, out of excitement, I forgot to ask him what his company’s target was then. But let’s do some simple maths.


If his company’s goal was to make 2 million naira, 10 times would mean 20 million naira.


What if his company’s goal was to make 5 million naira for example, then 10 times would mean 50 million naira.


How about if it was to make 50 million naira (now that looks interesting), then 10 times would mean they made 500 freaking million naira…


All under 2 weeks without any extra expense on ads or a change in targeting…


Just with his first sales copy. Doesn’t that look amazing? Wouldn’t it be worth it if you pulled in similar results in your business?

Let me tell you another one, during Covid 19 lockdown around March/April, when some folks didn’t know where their next client would come from, one of Africa peak performance consultant, Bankole Williams got a training priced between 30,000 to 50,000 naira.


He reached out to me to create a sales copy for that, and then, I applied a formula (I revealed in the guide I showed Ebuka Anichebe) and within 2 days, his sales went to about 2.7 million naira.


So What Is The Guide And Where Can You Get It?


Well, it is my high demand book called:

The Faceless Selling: The Untapped Power To Selling To Anything Without Opening Your Mouth Or Showing Your Face.


Yeep, you don’t have to show your face or open your mouth to convince your prospects yet ethically make them pay you the amount of money you request

Here Is What You’d Learn In This Book


What Makes A Salesperson? Why Many Things You Have Heard About Selling Is Wrong


How To Shut Your Mouth In Your Business And Make More Money Than When Talking


Little Sneaky Reasons Why Prospects Buy And Won’t Stop Buying


How To Stop Dealing With Suspects And Only Attract Quality Prospects That Have Money


How To Catch Your Prospects’ Attention Like A Curvatous Hot Lady Even If You Hate Shouting Or You’re Shy

⇒    How To Ensure Your Prospects Stick To What You’re Saying And Shun Every Distraction


The Way Pros Build Rapport With Prospects That Make Them Forget About Their Competitors; And How To Do It.


The WEAK Stories Many People Tell That Repel Sales And How To Avoid Telling That Kind Of Stories.


How To Say A Story Even A HARD Prospect Won’t Resist And Forget


How To Say Little Words That Would Shoot Prospects Benefits Of Your Offer In A Way That Nails Them To Buy From You.


The Close That Make Even Professional Sales People Or Negotiator Take Action


The 3 Easy Squeesy Sales Copy Formula That Beats Brain Block And Brings Home The Cash Easily.


Make Prospects Send You Money After Reading Your Many Thousands Words


What To Do To Send Prospects Back To Your Sales Copy


Okay. That looks like some good stuff, yeah?

But guess what, that’s not even half of what you’d get.


⇒    The UNDERGROUND Secrets To Getting Your First Customer Without Working For Free (For FREELANCER, To-be Copywriters Or Experts)


The Psychological Trick To Make Prospects Think Of You Always.


Never Work With The Wrong Set of People Again: How To Get The Filter Through More Than HR Professionals To Get The Best Team Working With You


Why You Should Never Let A Customer Buy Only Once From You And How To Make Them Keep Buying From You.


Tired Of Spending Money On Ads? Simple Little Known Tricks To Get More Customers With Zero Marketing Costs


Avoid These Words That Turn Off Prospects When They Are Close To Buying


Where To Get Copy Ideas When You Feel Stuck


And Many More.


You see, if you’re tired of losing some sales to a competitor who understands copywriting secrets, then you should consider getting this book.


If you’re tired of paying some copywriters high ticket fees to get you results that they hardly give, then you should save yourself the time, money and stress…. 

If you’re looking forward to attract your dream clients and outsell your competitors online, then you should consider getting this book

If you’re looking forward to knowing the right prospect for your business, and lead them gently till they make purchase on whatever you’re selling even if you have no sales experience before, then you should consider getting this book. 

If you’re looking forward to attract say the right things to your prospects that would catch their attention faster, then you should consider getting this book. 

Now, even if you don’t know anything about sales and you’re just either starting a career in sales or business, then you should consider getting this book.

Again, I know what you’re probably thinking, will it be easy to understand and will I learn how write sales copy like a pro?


You see, you don’t need to have an A grade in English to be good in copywriting.


You don’t need to have a degree in business or sales

Consider the words of Nanabo Ayebatonye

I love your content strategy especially your story telling prowess. It hooked my from the first sentence till the last period. I read it literally soaked.


At first, I thought the pricing was too high, but after reading the book, I feel like screwing you because you would have made 2 or 3 or even 5 versions from the information in this book. The questions you answered, I spent almost 100,000 naira to get those information. And here you are, giving it for MTN weekly data fee.


The Faceless Selling is a book I recommend strongly for copywriting. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s so simplified that a 10 year old can read and become a badass copywriter in 7 days.

Now, Let’s Talk


With a tool that could help double, triple and even grow your business more than 10 times without stress, what do you think would be worth the price of this book?


If you learn how to write a sales copy that could double your sales under 30 days, will it be worth it if the book goes for 50,000 naira?




Consider the following:


Gary Halbert, veteran copywriter, wrote a single letter (sales copy) brought in over 7,300,000 orders.


Domino Pizza Copy Headline “30 Minutes Or Less Or It’s FREE” brought in over 4billion dollar annual sales in less than 5 decades according to Tom Monaghan.


One single pulled written for Bankole Williams brought in 2.7 million naira in 2 days (now, it has brought in more as the same copy was used to sell the next edition event).


One single copy brought in over 1.5 million naira almost immediately and 10 times Ebuka Anichebe company’s target under 2 weeks….


With these, what do you think will be worth the book again if the book promises to teach you exactly how to do all those.


Well, for whatever reason, it’s not selling for 50,000 naira today.


Not even half of it…


But for just a measly amount of 15, 000 naira, about the price of a 2 Family sized pizza.


Before I show you the order link to pay into to get the book, let me tell you of a sweet offer if you take action in ordering between now and the next 24 hours.


See timer:

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If you order before the timer dies, then, you’d be getting the following bonuses:


→  The Proven Secrets To Selling Anything To Anyone (Valued for 5000 naira)


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TOTAL VALUE: #116,500


And that’s not all…


You’d also be getting two FAST ACTION REPLY BONUSES


→  Checklists For Sales Copy For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email. (Valued for 10,000 naira)


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In total, these are all you’d be getting for just 15,000 naira today.



→  The Faceless Selling (Valued for #15,000)


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TOTAL VALUE: 151,500 Naira

TODAY’s PRICE: Just 15,000 Naira

You see, learning how to write a sales copy will not only help you in your business, but gives you the opportunity to make money from other businesses, selling your copywriting services….


To which you could charge whatever per copy…. $100, $500, $1000, $3000 and more.


And you can start your journey into making sales online and adding another stream of income as a to-be copywriter by clicking below now:



Okay,  so  why  am  I  being  so  generous?

Simply  put:  I know  once  you  experience  all  the benefits of making more sales online, you’re going  to  receive from  this  book, you’re  going  to  be  a loyal and eager  customer  (and hopefully  you’ll  even  tell your  friends  and colleagues). 


I believe  the only  way to build a  great  business  is  to  over deliver.


And  that’s why  you  also  get  a  100% risk-free,  6 months  money  back guarantee!


Here’s  how it works:


Try  “The Faceless Selling: The Untapped Secrets To Selling Anything To Anyone Without Opening Your Mouth Or Showing Your Face” for  6 full  months. Then after putting  my  techniques  to  the  test  for  6 full  months, if  you  don’t  think  these  techniques is  worth  at  least  10  times  the amount  you paid, I’ll  buy it back  from  you! Plus, you can keep the bonuses for FREE. 


Re-read the  above  paragraph  for loopholes  if  you  like.  You won’t find any.  This  money-back guarantee  is  absolute.

Either  it  works for  you or it doesn’t. You  are  the sole  judge  and jury. That’s  all there is to it!


The  worst  that  can  happen it doesn’t work for you. There’s no absolutely  no  way you  can lose, even if you do want your  money back. But the truth is that  once  you  start  applying  these  secrets you’ll  probably  never  want  your money back  because  “The Faceless Selling” is probably the best copywriting secrets you’ve ever seen or heard of.

Test this risk free. There is no way you’d lose remember. You can either continue struggling with your competitors cheating on you or try a method that shows you how to outsell and beat them up in the attention and sales game.



Best regards,


Ortega Ogomigo


P.S: Remember that once the timer hits 00:00:00, there is no way, you’d be getting this book at a discounted price.


In that case, that means you’d be paying more for something you could have got for less.


It’s your choice. Time is of essence, so choose wisely.


Here is how to get the discount before it goes off.

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