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What Other People Are Saying

Ortega’s training is topnotch. before I attended his training I had been trailing him. Oh, what embodiment of knowledge!
His training has helped me in different aspects of my life, which include sales, branding, communication, copywriting, and many more.
Pelumi Awodiya
Business Consultant.
When Ortega gives you just one hour of his time expect nothing less than increasing your sales to over 30% almost instantly.
Collins Okafor


Prior to the time I sat under Ortega’s training, I used to think of sales and marketing as a tough scenario where an entrepreneur has to be tossed with the unwavering mindset of the prospects. But after just one lecture I participated in, I discovered the best way to identify prospects and make them buy without hesitation.​

Godsent Kalu


It’s been a pleasure working with Ortega and planning out ways to sell my digital products. His vast knowledge and understanding of how to use content with buyers made it all better. Over the past few months, as a result of these contents, we have seen tremendous increase in sales and traffic on our pages… Ortega is a great guy and knows his work. I would recommend him to anyone looking to increase their sales.
Bankole Williams
Africa Leading Peak Performing Expert & HR Expert
Ortega comes across strong with his ideas on marketing. Network marketers will find his ideas very useful and helpful. I strongly recommend it.
George Essien
Africa Leading Public Speaking Coach
I read Ortega’s book shortly before I launched a crowd-funding farm project. Not only did I make 1.5million naira almost immediately after writing my first sales copy, the skills and knowledge gathered there enabled us to surpass our initial target by 1000% within two weeks. My co-founders were amazed by the conversion rates and think I am something of a genius now… I don’t know about that title… but it sure feels good.
Ebuka Anichebe
CEO Jean Paul Consulting
After reading this book, I felt embarrassed at the knowledge at his disposal that I don’t have… I also found it difficult to believe that he wrote the book, so I started searching online and offline to see if he copied someone. To my surprise, it is a brain work from this young man, If you’re a copywriter, blogger, digital marketer, coach, trainer like I am and you have not gotten this book, you’re not ready for results. If your copywriter is not doing well, don’t sack the person, give him or her this book. After this book, if they don’t still improve, don’t just sack the person, FIRE the person.
Moses Christopher 
Digital Marketing Trainer, & Tech Boss
Prior to receiving the Faceless Selling I was very skeptical because I had bought several books on sales and signing up prospects, and I have NOT got a significant improvement. However, giving the book a try, I find it amazing. Its step-by-step approach is very practical. The most amazing aspect of this book is that it takes you through the baby steps in making sales and recruiting. Since I got hold of the Faceless Selling, making sales and recruiting has been way too easy. Thank you, Ortega Ogomigo
Ezimozor Ikedi – Network Marketer
The Faceless Selling, as the name implies, reveals a systematic chain that successful marketers follow to create their success-pace in the busy-business world. Until every marketer learns and understands how to sell their products using the secrets embedded in this book, they will keep shouting without getting prospects’ attention.
MAAS Adebayo
Internet Marketer & Serial Entrepreneur
Sales is all about making people feel happy for their purchase, but that is not an easy thing to do. “The Faceless Selling” by Mr. Ortega teaches you how to do it. The book is highly effective for people with businesses or starting a career in sales. It has great inputs that will help propel your sales and business. I recommend this book to people who have experience in sales too. It offers a lot of Do’s and Dont’s. Mr Ortega has a sound knowledge in what he is speaking. Grab this book and start winning in sales immediately.
Suresh Balachandar 
Business Coach & Strategist
I recently had the opportunity to be under the tutelage of this great coach, who is also one of the best sales copywriter I have ever encountered… Learning from you has always been a great experience for me.
Urenna Nwocha 
Entrepreneur and Network Marketer
At first I thought the pricing was too high, but after reading the book, I feel like screwing you because you could have made 2 or 3 or even 5 versions from the information in the book. The questions you answered, I spent almost 100,000 naira to get those information and here you’re giving it for a weekly MTN data fee. The Faceless Selling is a book I recommend strongly for copywriting. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s so simplified that a 10 year old can read and become a badass copywriter under 7 days.
Nanabo Ayebatonye  
Direct Response Marketer & Copywriter