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Having trouble falling asleep? Waking up during the night no matter how you tried? You’re not alone; about 30% of the population have chronic insomnia… Sadly, studies reveal this is responsible for their most unproductive state, mental illness and ill health. 

Thankfully, today, you can turn the table around to finally enjoy that sweet disturbance-free night rest you deserve to achieve your most productive state by getting our sleep starter kit.

This is an excellent programme and is jam-packed full of useful information. I love how it covers such a broad range of topics. It’s about so much more than just sleep but also assists in adopting a healthier lifestyle plus mindfulness, all of which is so important in today’s busy, stressful environment. It has really helped me to put into place an evening wind-down routine and aim for an earlier bedtime, both of which I have been struggling to consistently achieve.” Becky S