….Direct Response Copywriter  & Sales Funnel Expert


The Faceless Selling:

The Untapped Power To Selling Anything To Anyone Without Opening Your Mouth Or Showing Your Face
In this book, Ortega reveals several tested secrets and strategies to make you outsell your competitors through copywriting. 
According to an Expert, the secrets in this book will make a a 10 year old child a master copywriter under 7 days. Stop letting your competitors catch your prospects attention faster than you. Learn how to catch any prospect attention, gently compel them and close the sale without spending extra.

99 Scripts For Getting Copywriting Clients:

Simple Proven Words That Get You Your Dream Copywriting Client
Ever tired trying to find gigs on Fiverr or Upwork? Or being without a client you’d be proud of for months despite how good a copywriter you are?
Ortega exposes the winning scripts he used to seal his first copywriting gig and more. This has been tested by several copywriters who became 6-7 figures richer applying just one of these scripts.

The Stress Free Network Marketer

The Underground Expert Secrets For Hooking Prospects, Growing Leads, Selling Any Product, And Closing Prospects Like A Pro
Ortega reveals over 2000 scripts you can just copy and paste to engage and persuade downlines. He took it further by sharing some scripts you could do to keep your team motivated, follow up on prospects, sell products and make more sales. And most importantly, do it without breaking your head looking for what next to tell your prospects.
Stop struggling with downlines when you can get them without stress. Good thing is, he took all the heavy weight problems for you and tells you to copy and paste and see the magic happen even if you hate talking to people or you’re shy or a stutterer. 

Real Experts Recommendation Secrets:

How To Get Top Experts Recommend Your Products Or Services For FREE
If you have a product and service you want to make massive sales (with quality buyers) without going through the conventional method of running ads, building overtime trust with your prospects, then come learn the secrets to getting any top experts recommend your products or services to his followers without paying them a dime on their review prices. 

Copywriting Secrets For Facebook Ads:

How To Use Words That Get Approved By Facebook, Legally Hypnotize Prospects To Take Actions And Outsell Your Competitors
This book covers everything from writing compelling sales copy on your ad to your landing page to scripts you could use to get your Facebook ad account back if Facebook got mad at you.
If you’re ever considered boosting your click response rate by a minimum of 30%, you should consider getting this book.

No Ads Sales Secrets:

How To Spend No Penny On Ads, Yet Double, Triple… Even 10 Times Your Sales Under 30-90Days
Not getting enough response and sales from the ads you run? Worse, it takes your cash and you don’t even break even, Ortega shows you the secret formula he has used to triple, 10 times his sales in a month to 7 times his sales in a day… and how you can do the same even if you’re just starting out.