WARNING: Don’t Pay Any Expert Thousands Of Naira/Dollars For Their Review Prices Until You Read This


The SHOCKING TRUTH About What It Takes To Get A REAL Expert Recommend Your Products Or Services For FREE

Dear friend,


How much is an expert recommendation to your business?


Today, we see a lot of business practise what we all call – influencer marketing because of the overall results of what that would do to their businesses.


Coca-cola keep paying celebrities multimillion dollars to get their endorsements.


This is because of what their endorsements do to their business.


This is why they often don’t see it like an expenses but an investment, so why then did I warn you from ever engaging in INFLUENCER MARKETING?


Well, this is because for the past few years now, I have seen many entrepreneurs try doing something similar without knowing the RIGHT information.


They quickly jump to Instagram to get an influencer to endorse their products and they pay in multiple 6 to 7 figures for a given period.


Yet… And that’s the sad part.


They don’t get their “investments” back (in sales).


Sales remain the same. And some luckily get just one to ten increase in sales.


Worse, those sales are on low-ticket items. And that’s why you see many gurus saying:


“Scrap Influencer Marketing And Go Do Ads.


But wait a minute, why do top companies still engage in influencer marketing?


Companies like Coca-cola, Nike, Adidas, Glo, MTN, Etisalat…. are very active on this.


Again, this is because of what a single recommendation can do.


You see, this is not just any recommendation, this is a recommendation from an aspirational set that they prospects cherish and respect.


And that’s their little secrets.


Before any top company engage in influencer marketing, they take their time to know exactly who is congregating their ideal prospects.


Then, they weigh their cost and returns they hope to get. Once calculated thoroughly, they shoot.


They engage the celebrity and meet at a deal.


But many entrepreneurs, freelancers, authors, manufacturers, business owners today don’t necessary do this…. 


They just locate an influencer, usually on social media and try to get them to endorse their products to their sphere of influence. The problem about this approach simple:


Those followers on the Influencer’s list may not be their ideal prospects. They may not be the people who could afford what they are selling. Even worse, if the influencer is known to always promoting stuff on her page, then the results will be stagnant. 


You see, If you meet the right expert (influencer) who congregate your ideal prospects, then you can sure beat your chest that you’d make the most sales because they would pull their followers to you.


I remember doubling my sales almost instantly from just a single recommendation I got from an expert.


And I got it for free. 


For long I had always wanted to do this because I know that if I could get those two in place – those congregating my ideal prospects and get them recommend my products or services for free then I knew I’d never struggle with sales or running a discount on my offers.


And that was how I started the journey into finding how to go about this.


First time I tried with an expert, he ignored my message and never responded.


Next, the same response.


I kept moving on…


From one person to another…


Trying different strategies…


Seeing different review prices from some experts…


30,000 naira, 75,000 naira, 150,000 naira…


And then, I sent one message and the expert replied that he would recommend my product for free.


Gosh! I almost screamed! This is beautiful!


At first, I thought it was just some sheer form of luck, so I tried another strategy and then, the expert instantly reverted via email detailing her prices…


75,000 naira.


Even worse, she wouldn’t post to her influence until I pay another 30,000 naira.




At that point, I couldn’t afford that.


You see, their time is so valuable and they wouldn’t want to sacrifice it for something that wouldn’t bring a dime.


Well, I wasn’t discourage nevertheless. But something told me to try out the secret I had tried earlier that worked. So I did…


And it worked again!



I tried it more on several other experts and got many recommendations for FREE.


I couldn’t believe it happened so fast.


By the way, I got these recommendation at first for my first book – The Faceless Selling.


Here are some screenshots of some of the endorsements I got.



Since then, I have applied this across several businesses and the response have been crazily amazing.


One, I did not spend a dime.


Two. I got the results of what a single recommendation can do, which is to boost my sales.


Wouldn’t this be something you’d like to learn and use in your business?


You see ever since I learnt this simple secret, I was able to tap into the positioning and influence of those experts to grow my businesses.


And recently, I discovered a lot of people want to learn this as well and use in their businesses, but they couldn’t afford my $250 per hour consultation, so I decided I was going to create a book where I’d explain everything for without their breaking their accounts.



This book is called 


Real Experts Recommendation Secrets: How To Get Top Experts To Recommend Your Products Or Services For FREE.

Which  Of These  Powerful  Secrets Could  You  Use To Get Real Experts To Recommend Your Products Or Services?

⇒    The Magic Touch That Boosted A Lawyer’s Business When Ads And Every Other Thing Failed.


The most important thing to have in place before doing another thing if you ever want to get experts recommend you.


Why you shouldn’t engage a prospect (likely endorser) without knowing this? Otherwise, you’d be billed


The step by step model to locating prospects and becoming an insider.


The kind of frame that gets your prospects (likely endorser) to agree with you.


Templates to get prospects for free.


Why the emotional talk is not enough.


Learning about your prospects to hook them right away from the bat


Even if those experts are your close pals, if you fail in this, you wouldn’t get their recommendation. Mark my words


The kind of way to follow up on your experts to get their recommendations for free without being pushy or annoy them.


And many more.

Okay,  So What’s  The Cost  For This  Incredible Resource?


Well, realize that these secrets could easily sell for 20,000 naira or more.


In fact, if you ask any top expert to show you these secrets they could charge you an instant #95,000 for an hour consultation.


You see, this is what I have revealed to some persons in a lunch meeting where they paid #50,000 for.


So at  bare minimum  you’re  getting  thousands  and  thousands  of  naira  worth  of these secrets at your disposal.


But  I’m not  going to charge you  anywhere near  that  amount  or  even  my  minimum $250 consultation price.  


In  fact,  your total  investment  for this book is  only  5000 naira.



I don’t want to go read this book, I want you to use it.


In that, I mean test it for yourself and see that if you don’t get the results of getting top experts recommend your products or services and get your money back.

Here is my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.


I  personally  guarantee  that if after  a  full  3  months, you  honestly  believe  I haven’t delivered  on this  promise  then let  me  know  via a mail (tegaogomigo@gmail.com) and  I’ll  issue you a  prompt  and  courteous  refund. Plus, you can keep the book for free.

There is a bonus worth #20,000 inside and yours to keep as well.


That  means  you  can  try  out  this book  at  my  risk,  while you  see if  they  work for  you or  not.  And  if  for whatever reason you don’t find this book helpful,  I honestly  want  you  to  ask  for  your  money  back.  And  I’ll let you  keep  the  free  bonus  gifts  as  my  way  of thanking  you  for giving it a  try.


There is  absolutely  no risk,  whatsoever  on  your  part.  The burden  to deliver  is  entirely  on me.  If  you  don’t  produce get an expert recommendation then  I’m the loser, not you.


To sweeten the offer, I’d be giving you the AUDIO BOOK valued for #5000 if you order before the the timer ends… 

Now, I have shown you exactly what you could do and how to go about it to get experts recommend your products or services.


In fact, you can listen to the audio book while doing your chores or walking or driving.


It saves you time that way. And that’s one thing. Remember you have got the option to never again worry about sales again once you can get a real expert endorse your products or services to his sphere of influence on your behalf.


Again. Don’t read this book, use it…. And tell me if I fulfilled my promise. Also, consider that you’re not risking a thing here.


It works, great. You boost your sales and keep the bonuses.


If it doesn’t, well…


Please send me a mail at tegaogomigo@gmail.com to get your refund.




Ortega Ogomigo.


P.S: If you like checking the end of the mail like I do, here is the thing. I want to give you a time bound offer to try the secrets I have used to get many top experts recommendations for free and how to do it in your business.


Try risk free for just 5000 naira today (instead of paying me a minimum of $250) then for an hour consultation to show you this.


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