Frustrated Marketer Finally Asks:

Is There Anything Left We Can Do?

…after spending thousands of naira on Facebook ad with little to no results.


…after being banned and blacklisted by Facebook.

Dear friend,


it’s quite painful, especially when you have heard about how several people make sales online through ads and…


You don’t have any success with ads after several periods of trying.


You see, I was once like that…


I spent relatively heavily on ads repeatedly. I kept at it until I knew I was improving…


But my results, sadly weren’t in the pace I wanted.


Some days, my account get banned and restricted. I guess I was no good with keeping to Facebook rules and regulations. 


There was one event that happened to me that I wouldn’t forget. I had just created another ad account from a different Facebook account and was ready to run a campaign on the product.


Well, with the sales copy, targeting, and offer, I was pretty convince I would be smiling with so much money…


I hit the publish button on Facebook and started waiting patiently for the update.


First hour, nothing.


Second hour, nothing.


Third hour, I had gone to check my Facebook notification tab, but sadly no notification of something related.


And then, I decided to wait for the next 3 hours, I kept checking almost every 30 minutes during that time…


And yes, I saw something like it now. But…


Something unexpected….


“Your Ad Account Has Been Banned”




This is not something I had expected or wanted. You see, I had earlier loaded my account with some cash to run the ad…


And sadly, I hadn’t created another ad account before the ban.


With that notification, that means there is no way I’d get my amount back even though I had not even used a dime on it yet.


Gosh! I felt really sad. My palms became sweaty. I almost pulling my hairs out with a blanked face…


I sent an appeal to the Facebook team, but sadly, it wasn’t attended to.


You see, when you run ads on your only ad account or last ad account and it either get deactivated or banned, then there is no way you’d be able to create another if you didn’t have one already.


And that was happened. It was not the first time, but this time was the most painful.


So I started my journey to finding a way I could boost my sales up to 10 times without spending a dime on ads… Then,


I Told My Friends That I’d Boost My Sales Without Ads And They Laughed, But When I Showed Them The Results….



Yeah, I was able to double my ads under 2 months at first after several trials, then under a month… and a particular day, I made 7 times my previous income under 24 hours… all without spending a dime on ads.


But it didn’t just happen. Here’s the back story:


After telling my friends, I embarked on my journey to learning this little known secret.


I kept on with one trial to another error. I stumbled several times. Some months without a single sale on products. It was really a crazy experience.


I needed to increase my learning experience and that was when I started buying some products in materials and courses, spent about 100,000 naira and that was when everything started making sense to me. 

And that was how I eventually mastered the secrets to making sales without spending a dime on ads.


Just last two weeks, around October, I 10 times my sales in a single month.


And sometimes, I just feel like there is no need be at the mercy of some approval of those ad agencies or Facebook, there is no need to struggle with sales when the ad goes against you…


I have been silently using this secret. Having spent close to 3 years of passive experience before I became serious with it and gone on to spend about 100,000 naira to make this happen…


Then, I feel it necessarily to show people…


Who are tired of wasting any other dime on ads.


Who want to learn how to harvest where the traffic is and make sales without stress…


Then I decided to create a book since that would be the best way to explain everything in the most simplest and cost effective way for them….


Well, here it is:


No Ads Sales Secrets: How To Double, Triple… Even 10 Times Your Sale

I explained everything you can simply plug and play in your business and see results happen very fast.



Here are what you’d be learning in this book:


At last! How To Know Who Your RIGHT Prospect Truly Is


The Hidden Technique to Finding Where Your Prospects Are Hiding Easily


How To Attract The Big Guys Congregating Your Prospects


The Hidden Hack To Making Your The Big Guys Like You And Recommend You To Their Followers


The Secret Way To Grow Your Business Passively, Yet Massively Without Spending A Kobo On Ads


Why You Can Double Your Sales Right From When Your Prospects Comes To Meet You


The View You Give Your Prospects Online To Make Them Want To Pay You More

How To Say Thank You With Your Upper-Lip And Use The Lower Lip To Convince Them To Buy


The Under-Emphasized Secret To Take Prospects Through a Blockbuster Movie That Make Them Buy


The GRAVE Mistake Many Experts and Entrepreneurs Make In When Selling Their Products or Services: How To Avoid It And Do The Right Thing


How To Boost Your Closing Rate From An Inquiry Group


The little known way to ETHICALLY hypnotize your prospects from the start (without them knowing)


How To Make Your Prospect Well Rested In Body, Soul and Spirit and Ready To Borrow Money From His Grandmother’s Purse to Buy From You


The Way Billionaires And Millionaires Set Their Engine For Continuous Operation (without ad)


And lots more…


Now think, if learning this secrets will make you double your sales under a month without your spending any dime, will it be worthy to you?


This means if you make 100,000 naira last month, doubling will mean  making 200,000 naira… Imagine getting that without spending extra.


How about triple and more?


Does that look cool?


Somehow, I wanted to keep this secret “secret” or at the very least expensive for many people.


But owing to the fact that I have had a lot of good fortune in life from many of my mentors to some good friends, I decided I was going to let you have these secrets at a chicken-feed price (chicken change).




You wouldn’t have to pay close to 100,000 naira like me or spend close to 3 years in trial and errors or keep being at the mercy of those companies….


With just a family sized pizza price, you’d get all the secrets…


Even better, you’d be getting the following FAST ACTION BONUSES if you take action within 24 hours



A Month One PREMIUM access to the Ace Entrepreneur (valued for #10,000)


30-day Step by Step Worksheet Valued for #10,000


Cheatsheet for No Ads Sales Secrets (Valued for #5000



That means if you take action before the deadline elapses, you’d be getting all these for just #6500. 

Is There A Warranty?


Yes. Good question.


Of course, there is.


Take the book and USE it. Apply it in your business. If you didn’t see any difference in sales for a FULL 6 MONTH, then reach out to me via this email and I’d completely refund you…


No challenge… No hard feeling… That’s how I do my thing.


Looking at it in a clearer way. This means you’re practically losing nothing. Even better, you keep the bonuses and book for FREE as a way of saying sorry for wasting your time.


Now, if you ever considered forgetting about your pains of suffering with a banned ad account and making sales without stress, then you should consider testing this book – without any risk on your part.


I have given you the opportunity to rip me off if you don’t get results, now it’s your decision to see for yourself by testing these secrets.


Here’s this simple truth a mentor told me years back:

Money lost can be regained, but time lost can’t. Plus, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is suicidal.


Now, you can end your struggle with Facebook or Instagram from repeated unsuccessful ads and learn how to double, triple… even 10 times your sales within 30-90 days.


Here’s all you’d be getting for just #6500 today…


The Book: No Ads Sales Secrets


A Month One PREMIUM access to the Ace Entrepreneur (valued for #10,000)


30-day Step by Step Worksheet (Valued for #10,000)


Cheatsheet on Sales Funnel (Valued for #5000)


Click on the red button now because after the deadline, the bonuses will be wiped out completely


That said, 



Ortega Ogomigo

P.S : If you like going to the bottom of the page like me to know what was said, here’s the thing:


I want you to try out the secrets I used to 10 times my sales in a month without ads, after spending close to 100,000 naira, plus several years of trial and errors…


Try for just #6500 today and get those bonuses