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Expert Reveals 7 Loopholes To Avoid When Creating A Sales Funnel

Dear friend,

One of the best things that has ever happened to me in business is learning how to create a winning sales funnel.

Before the epiphany, I create a landing page and wait for result to happen…

Not until I started understanding the temperatures of my prospects and my responsibility to warming them up…

From cold, to warm to hot.

And that was what made everything simpler and boosted my sales response without any increase in ad budget or change in targeting.

But recently, I kept seeing several loopholes in different website salesfunnels that could possibly kill their conversion.

Even worse, many companies, organizations, experts…. don’t have sales funnel in their website.

They create a single page to 5 page website and they feel “that’s all”.

If you do that, then (shaking my head), you’re losing more money without knowing.

Thankfully, I have listed 30 sales you can avoid today to create a better and winning sales funnel.

  1. Not Knowing Your Idea Prospects: This is the foundation. If you fail at this, then, you’d struggle with your conversion rate. This is because you wouldn’t appeal to them since you don’t know them.
  1. Not Knowing The Temperatures Of Your Prospects: Your prospects have 3 main temperatures. Hot, Warm and Cold.

Hot — They are familiar with your brand and know your name. A direct content approach will hook them.

Warm — They don’t really know what you’re offering, but have some point perhaps seen your introductory video, read your blog… A direct to indirect approach could also catch their attention

Cold — They don’t know what you’re offering or who you are. You can catch their attention with an indirect approach and offering to help solve their known or little known problems.

  1. Not Seeing What Has Been Done: Now, it’s really crazy how many people out there like to re-invest the wheel. Listen, there is no time for that. In fact, time is too short to figure everything out yourself.

Reverse engineer what has been done.

Pro-tip: If it works for your competitor or a big brand, then it would work for you because you’re practically dealing with similar (the same) prospects.

  1. Trying To Sell Right Off The Bat: Don’t do that. The purpose of a sales funnel is that it helps warm up your prospects and build trust.

Lead them through your lead magnet. Create something that would solve their most pressing problems. This is why it is best to research your prospects well enough before ever creating a sales funnel, so you’d understand what will make them tick.

Your lead magnet could be anything from a free report to consultation to mini-course…

  1. Not Paying Attention To Your Sales Copy: What is a sales funnel without a sales copy? Nothing. Just some aesthetic design with no chances of converting.

From your headline to your lead to your bullet points to your close, everything must be in check to be emotionally appealing.

  1. Not having a readable interface: Listen, if it can’t be read, then there is no way possible that it would compel anybody. Watch out for the colours you use in your design of the landing page. It shouldn’t hide the text.
  1. Slow load time: Your landing pages must load faster so ensure a smooth run through for your prospects.

Got that?

Check your current sales funnel if you’re making any of those 7 mistakes and then, avoid that.


Ortega Ogomigo

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