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Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers - Ortega Ogomigo
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Stays On My TOP Listed Books In 2020

In this book, Ortega Ogomigo uses the power of storytelling to lure you from cluelessness to discovery. This includes tested strategies that convert the random strangers into addicted buyers.

It’s filled with “aha” moment where he unveils the little untold secrets to customer acquisition, onboarding and engagements.

It’s a book that’s not limited to any market niche as its strategies discussed are multilateral and can work for just anybody

This has definitely become one of my favourite reference for the user acquisition and stays on my top listed books for 2020

Armstrong Prosper, CEO Crib X 

Esther Enewerome Odafe

Award Winning Writing Coach And Author

If you need a book that will teach you how to understand people’s buying resistance and how to counter it, then get this book.

“Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers” is a good book with practical everyday scenarios. The storytelling makes it an enjoyable that it passes across the message. 

Tobi Olabanjo

Founder, Piscible, Tobeetoe Technologies

This book is such a great book to anyone seeking to get customers for their business.

I love the idea of giving before taking. But for me, the best part was where he gave real-world strategies on how to meet each customer at every phase they are in and close them.

When hungry, filled, and demotivated.

Ortega made the content in this book highly relatable by linking it to an identity. This is a great book. If you’re looking how to TRIPLE your sales online, get this one


Blessing Omaka Uma

Content Development Consultant

Wow! You’re a god of copywriting I must say…. such an eye-opener!

I really enjoyed every part of the nuggets from that book. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read from your well of knowledge