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Can You Copy A Text Such As This?

If yes, then you’d never have to worry about getting copywriting client again

Dear copywriter,


Copywriting is a sweet savouring skill that could pay your bills without stress, right?


Just some few words spelled into a paper or website copy can make you earn much more than what professors or doctors earn in a month.


And you get this in probably an hour or two or days of writing.


That’s how lucrative Copywriting is…


And that’s why it pisses me off whenever I see people sell their hourly fee as copywriters on freelance website like Upwork or Fiverr for $40 for 1000 words.


While that looked relatively high to some other profession or job out there…


It’s extremely low compared to whatever you’re putting for the company.


Now, even of you charge from $3000 upwards like I do, it is still little compared to what you’d be making for the company.


That’s why for the most part, I don’t go scouting for clients because I’d rather promote my business and keep all the profits rather than making some folks richer  . 


That’s by the way, it wasn’t always like that…


When I first started in Copywriting, I wanted all those beautiful things that come with it…


The lifestyle…


The income…


The ego of driving the most important thing in any business – sales…


But after starting out and going from one point to another reading almost all I could place my hands on the subject…


I was a good student (at least in my head) when it comes to doing Copywriting exercises…


From writing with my hands to reading aloud…


To practicing copywriting and analyzing every billboard or ad for triggers in either my head or notebook…  


It was fun. Daily, I was getting better.  Whenever I received a copy or see a copy in a place, I get the copy, and create mine to compete


Then send the two (mine and the copywriter’s) to random people to get their feedback on which they will take more actions on…


Many a times, they pointed at mine. I was impressed with myself because I was getting better. But somehow, I was still broke.


Being a student was tough. You had to pay for some impromptu things and had to cater for your feedings, data and laundry many a times yourself.


I was miser. You see, I dare not take any unnecessary expenses, including getting a girlfriend.


Ha ha! I was not ready to cater for someone who would request a gift for birthday, call card, visits and wears…


I knew I wasn’t ready, so I shove those aside.


One day, it was a day I wouldn’t forget anytime soon, I had just eaten my last rice (the one I cooked myself) and my dad had told me he would be sending in money during the weekend.


But hey, it wasn’t weekend yet. I guess it was a Thursday that day.


My stomach had already started singing. I begged it to be quiet that it wasn’t time for food. I had thought I would be able to beg it to wait till evening when perhaps I could take “garri” and sleep for that night…


But it couldn’t listen. It started crying the more and it was just around 2pm.


“Oh, what am I going to do now?” I kept thinking


For one thing, I hate asking people for things. I like keeping things to myself and hate bordering people about money and all.


So I started thinking of a game-plan and what I could do to bring in money and end this recurring broke state…


It was a little over my third month of practising copywriting so I decided I was going to apply what I know on a prospect.


Then, I went to my draw-table, took a pen and started scribbling my thoughts together.


I described who my likely prospect would be.


And where to locate him.


I once watched a video where Dan Lok said his prospects then are those running masterclasses and training, so I started looking for something similar.


I jumped from one Facebook page to another.


I used some keywords to narrow my search and guess what?


Okay. You got it right. I saw him (my ideal prospect)


I put a call across to him and in under 5 minutes, I had closed him and gave him my price…


Crazy stuff, yeah?


So what did I tell him?


Well, to be honest, I’d like to tell you, but for now, I wouldn’t.


As you may see from the pre-headline of this letter, I shove off copycubs because I know many of them are unserious.


They want everything on a platter of nothing. They have never or hardly bought any copywriting material. Worse, they hardly take the advice of those Copywriting legends seriously.


But I know some of them may not be scared with the pre-headline, and still went in to reading this letter (I can see you :-)).


Here’s the thing, I don’t want them to get the secrets and do nothing about it to drive in results for them.

So I have added a filter to know if they are really serious.


You see, I used only one secret (script) then to close the prospect...


Since then, I have used multiple at different times to hook international and national clients.


If you want that, then you’d be glad to know that instead of giving you just ONE OF THE SCRIPTS, I’d be making you access 99 of them…


And like Nanabo Ayebatonye (watch the video above) who made multiple 7 figures from just a single script, let alone the other gigs he got, you’d be smiling in results.


Now, note…


I like transparency.  


I have detailed these scripts in my book called – 99 scripts for Getting Copywriting Clients.

And you see, as the name shows, it contains mostly scripts.  It doesn’t contain how to target these prospects.


That’s why I restrict access from those copycubs. But goodnews, I wrote some pages inside on how to identify your right prospect that would make you stop dealing with suspects.


The day I learnt this, I understood the simple principle to many things in life.


When people say your prices are too high, then it probably means you met the wrong kind of prospect (suspects), considering that all objections and motivations are in check.


I stopped dealing with those who claim to pay copywriters $1 or less per word. I don’t do that. I think you shouldn’t get them as well.


If you’d like to give clients (any client even international) your price and have them pay with smiles, then you should get this book.


Here’s another good news.


I am taking 110% of all the risk on me. I don’t want you to read this book. If you may notice, I said “copy this text” in the headline, I want you to USE this book.


Use it to start operating on another level entirely. Use it to start working with people who would appreciate your price and pay your even more.


If that sounds like what you’d like to get, then get this book and get my 110% money back warranty of the books


Here’s my personal warranty on it:

 I  personally  guarantee  that if after  a  full  3 months, you  honestly  believe  I haven’t delivered  on this  promise  then let  me  know via tegaogomigo@gmail.com  and  I’ll  issue you a  prompt  and  courteous  refund.  

So How Much Is The Book?


Well,  realize that  this product could  easily sell for at least 15,000 naira knowing that one of this scripts could get you a client who would pay you $3000 and more.  


In  fact, if you  asked  a copywriting expert, like  myself,  to  show you the scripts they used to get high ticket clients, you’d  be  charged a minimum of 50,000 naira.


So  at  bare minimum  you’re getting  thousands and  thousands of  dollars worth  at  your  disposal.


Look,  there’s no need  to  reinvent  the wheel.  Everything is ready for  you,  completely turn-keyed, and  all  laid-out  for you  step-by step, script by script.


Now  maybe  you think this  whole  thing  will  cost you  a fortune…but listen  to  this: Your entire  investment in this  entire script is  only 10,000 naira. 


Your investment  is  tiny  compared  to  the money potential  it  has  for you.  


Okay,  so  why  am  I  being  so  generous?


Simply  put:  I know  once  you  experience  all  the benefits of getting your dream clients, you’re going  to  receive from  this  book, you’re  going  to  be  a loyal and eager  customer  (and hopefully  you’ll  even  tell your  friends  and colleagues). 


I believe  the only  way to build a  great  business  is  to  over deliver.


And  that’s why  you  also  get  a  100% risk-free,  6 months  money  back guarantee!


Here’s  how it works:


Try  “99 Scripts For Getting Copywriting Clients” for  6 full  months. Then after putting  my  techniques  to  the  test  for  6 full  months, if  you  don’t  think  these  scripts is  worth  at  least  10  times  the amount  you paid, I’ll  buy it back  from  you!


Re-read the  above  paragraph  for loopholes  if  you  like.  You won’t find any.  This  money-back guarantee  is  absolute.


Either  it  works for  you or it doesn’t. You  are  the sole  judge  and jury. That’s  all there is to it!


The  worst  that  can  happen it doesn’t work for you. There’s no absolutely  no  way you  can lose, even if you do want your  money back. But the truth is that  once  you  start  applying  these  secrets you’ll  probably  never  want  your money back  because  “99 Scripts For Getting Copywriting Clients” is probably the  greatest  gold-mine  of plug and play client acquisition scripts ever  crammed into  one manual.


Here’s the sweet part


If you take action before the next 24 hours, then there’s no way you’d be paying #10,000 for this…


You’d be getting it for just #6500 (Note this applies if you’re getting this under 24 hours)

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Test this risk free. There is no way you’d lose remember. You can either continue struggling with those $40/hour clients, or try a different way that could end all your money struggles for life.

Best regards,


Ortega Ogomigo


P.S: Remember that once the timer hits 00:00:00, there is no way, you’d be getting this book at a discounted price.


In that case, that means you’d be paying more for something you could have got for less.


It’s your choice. Time is of essence, so choose wisely.


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