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Pro-Copywriting Confession – Mk Akan, Nigerian #1 Copywriter

  • The best yet little known ways to ace your copywriting skills
  • Why many copywriters are struggling
  • What to do to get your first client very fast using this simple formula
  • And many more

High Ticket Closing Secrets – Olatunde Harris, High Ticket Closer

  • Why high ticket closing is a game of mindset
  • How to sell to the affluent
  • Simple tricks you can play with your mind to get her to push you for success.
  • Get this right and you’ll be able to sell items worth $10k easily
  • And lot more

How To Build A 7 Figure Brand From Scratch – Winner Ezekiel, 7 Figure Sales Consultant

  • Just starting out? Get right with these foundations
  • Hacks to get more customers (than those sharp-toothed competitors)
  • Have a business already? How to scale a 5 figure brand to 6 and 6 figure brand to 7.
  • And lot more

How To Make At least N200,000 Per Month As A Beginner In Sales – Salesman Obi, Sales Coach

  • Why being a beginner is an advantage
  • Why many entrepreneurs, coach, freelancers don’t meet up that N200k mark and how you can crush it in a month
  • How to make your income steady: secrets I wish I was told.
  • And many more

How Entrepreneurs Can Build Influence Through Public Speaking – Stephen Michael, Founder Fordax Academy

  • Why Dan Lok says “if you want to be wealthy, go learn how to communicate effectively”
  • How to lead and influence your workers and team with public speaking
  • How to build 6-7 figures trust in the minds of your customers
  • And lot more

Public Speaking Secrets – George Essien, Nigerian Leading Public Speaking Coach

  • True story: how I made N10million under 30minutes with public speaking
  • How to beat the fear of public speaking under minutes
  • Rock every presentation and get the moulah as a pro even if you’re just starting out
  • How lucrative is public speaking? How to start a lucrative career in public speaking

Outwitting Your Competitors In Sales – Suresh Balachandar, Business Coach With 24 Years Experience

IMPORTANT: On this interview, we had some background noise that may disrupt a peaceful listening. Nevertheless if you listen closely, you’d get the sauce from this interview

  • Don’t ever do this with your competitors, do this instead.
  • Why your competitors will suck if you follow this path
  • How to grow your business from scratch and beat your competition hands down
  • And many more

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